Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Phobia

The space is too tight
Our elbows bumping
I want to get off
Even before I got on
My fear is a great one
It makes me sweat
It makes me worry
And most of all
It makes me paranoid beyond control
The 'ding' noise makes me jump.
Rustling everyone out of place
You grumble and make complaints
Meanwhile, you don't know
How much danger you could really be in
The numbers at the top
Passing by slower and slower
I keep going up
Each floor rising is a risk
One too many towards the ground
It finally stops
But it's still not my floor
All this just to get home
It's insane and far too many stairs to climb
Everyone gets off
While I keep rising
All by myself
In this closed tight area
Trapped if it decides to fail

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